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Senin, 21 Maret 2011

Did You Know About Love Create Beautiful Sharing Neighbor?

Did You Know About Love Create Beautiful Sharing Neighbor?Virtually everyone wants to be loved by others. And the highest hopes for the pious is loved by Allah SWT. Because the love of Allah SWT is so sincere and not limitless. Generally people are more likely to love the things that is uncertain and deserves to be loved, just as humans sometimes we are the ones who could not put the love of God as love beautiful because the real true love only belongs to Allah SWT. Because of arrogance (the world) is what makes humans so often deceived more loving world than the love of God, let alone make a pair of lovers who are in love often drunk they forget everything as if the world belonged to them both ....
A lot of terminology about love, some say love is sacrifice, love is blind, love is loyalty, love is lust, etc.. The definition of love a lot of meaning nearly all writers, philosophers, and scholars have a definition of love according to their thinking. Even the origin of the Lebanese poet Khalil Gibran said that Love is a flower that always blooms in all seasons. But there is a scholar and poet of Imam Ibn Khoil said Love could not be defined but essentially can be felt.
If only we could share the love how beautiful and peaceful life, and if only people in the world run the following words of the Prophet Muhammad "is not one of you said to believe until he loves something for his brother as he loves something for himself"
Create lovers of the world, how could siy we can put other people than ourselves? The human passions, how can we give something we love to our brother?
The above hadith visible regarded as something difficult and impossible, but it is not so, because the meaning of this hadith is not a person of faith sempurnalah of you that he loves for his brother as he loves Islam for themselves. Enforcing these matters can not be realized in a way like if his brother got what he got, so he would not participate crammed with his brother in feeling good and does not reduce the pleasure obtained. It's easy and close to a clean heart, while it is difficult to occur in the dirty hearts to God Almighty let alone suudzon
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