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Selasa, 22 Maret 2011

Cerita Isa Menurut Nabi Muhammad S.A.W

Berikut adalah cerita berkenaan dengan Isa A.S. yang di ambil daripada Kitab Imam Ghazali,
Prophet Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him, said:
Rasul pertama adalah Adam
Musa adalah Rasul kepada Bani Israel, dan yang terakhir adalah Isa
Pertama Menulis dengan pena adalah Idris.”
“anak kepada Zakaria berkata kepada Isa:
‘Engkau adalah ruh daripada  Allah
dan daripada perkataan Kun ‘ jadilah

engkau lebih tinggi daripadaku’
Isa menjawab:
‘Allah mengurniakan kesejahteraan kepadaku, tetapi menerimaku dengan keamanan,
“My late brothers, the Prophets, numbered eight thousand.
Then came Jesus, the son of Mary,
then I* came after him.”
*Prophet Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him
“The best of the sons of Adam are five;
Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad.
And Muhammad is the best of them.”
“The devil touches each son of Adam
on the day his mother gives birth to him
except for Mary and her son.”
“The devil strikes all the children of Adam
with his finger on their side when they are born
except Jesus, the son of Mary.
He (the devil), tried to strike
but struck a barrier.”
“No child, from the children of Adam
is born that is not touched by the devil at birth,
and so, he begins to cry from the touch of the devil
except Mary* and her son.”
* In the Holy Koran, mention is made of how the mother of the Virgin Mary supplicated to Allah asking Him for both refuge and protection for her child and descendant. The supplication was accepted and the devil had no recourse to Jesus. It also illustrates how the devil is standing in wait for us right from the moment of our innocent birth and draws our attention to the fact that we must take him seriously and ask Allah to prevent him from affecting our offspring.
“Every person that is born inherits the stroke of the devil.
Each child of Adam receives this strike except Mary and her son
because, when her mother gave birth to her she supplicated:
‘I seek refuge with You for her and her descendant
from the exiled devil.’
Whereupon a barrier was placed before them,
so that the devil struck it (instead of the babies).”
“None spoke in the cradle except Jesus*,
the witness of Joseph,
the company of Jorayj,
and the son of the hairdresser of Pharaoh.”
* Koranic stories narrate how Jesus spoke soon after his birth and also mention the baby who spoke in defense of Prophet Joseph.
“I (Prophet Muhammad) am the best of people in
kinship to Jesus, son of Mary
both in this world and in the Hereafter.
There is no Prophet between myself and him.
The prophets are the sons of many wives,
their mothers are different
but their religion is the same.”
“Those of you who reach Jesus, son of Mary,
give him the greeting of peace from me.”*
* This statement is directed at those living just before the end of the world after Prophet Jesus has descended at the Dome of the Rock, for more information about this important event please read our book on the internet “Jesus, Al Mahdi and the Anti-Christ”.
“By those whom my spirit is in His Hand,
Jesus, the son of Mary, will start
his greater pilgrimage or lessor pilgrimage,
or both from Faj Alrawha’.”
“Jesus, son of Mary,
saw a man steal something
so he asked him:
‘Did you steal?’
The man replied:
‘No by those who* (believe)
there is no god except He.’
So Jesus said:
‘I believe in Allah and disbelieve my eyes.’”
* This prophetic saying (hadith) stresses the value Jesus placed on swearing by the One and Only God. On account of the man taking such a great oath, Jesus was prepared to disbelieve his own eyes, rather than disbelieve the man’s oath. The other point in this saying is that the matter approached the man’s conscience by means of embarrassment because he took a Holy oath to exonerate himself from his deed which was a far greater sin than that of theft.
“The food of Jesus was beans
until he ascended (alive to heaven)
and he did not eat anything
which was cooked by fire until he ascended.”
“This night I have seen near Al Ka’ba a dark man,
the best man you can see from the dark men,
he had a fringe,
the best of fringes you could see.
He dressed it and there were drops of water falling from it.
He rested upon two men circumambulating the House
so I asked who it was.
It was said to me that it was Jesus, the son of Mary.
Then I saw another man whose hair was curly
and had one eye – the right eye was blind.
His eye floated like a grape
and it was said: ‘He is the anti-Christ.’”
“Adam is in the worldly heaven (first heaven),
the actions of his descendants are presented to him
and Joseph is the second heaven,
and the two sons of the aunts (cousins),
John and Jesus are in the third heaven.
Idris is in the fourth heaven.
Aaron is in the fifth heaven,
Moses is in the sixth heaven
and Abraham is in the seventh heaven.”
Translated from Aramaic into Arabic by Algazle (al-Ghazali, died 505/1111
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