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Jumat, 01 April 2011

ayo pakai jilbab

Let's Wear Hijab!
To ukhti-ukhtiku ...
You do not ever think, why God in His Word requires only tuk veiled Muslim women (closing his private parts)?

It turned out that scientifically it can be answered only Muslim seh why not Muslims? That's because women's skin is thinner than the male and female melanin pigment less for the same race.

Women tend to be more risky than men to get skin cancer (skin cancer) if it is too frequently exposed to sunlight contains UV light (on at 9:00 a.m. to 16:00). By closing the genitalia to wear veils and Khimar / veils the skin and our hair will be maintained and the possibility that cancer becomes smaller Tau .. not turned out clothes that we wear that contain almost the same SPF sunblock / sunscren.

So is the hair. The hair is covered by Khimar / veil will be healthier and more refined than the hair that is always exposed to sunlight because sunlight can make our hair become damaged. Hair that will not break easily protected, flushed and branching. However, it should be kept as well.

There are a few tips neh so we do not damage your hair, if hair are wet do not immediately combed hair parts must often be changed, do not be too tight hair tied up, he wore a loose scarf (according to the Shari'a dunks to close the chest), the veil should not be bound (such as wearing the headscarf trend now, astaghfirullah), scarf tied tuh air circulation is not good and certainly not according to the Shari'a.

Moga yes ... It's useful I can be of a routine review of Dr. Bu Muslimah together. Goddess Inong Irana, Sp.KK.

Sister-ukhtiku, be thankful we are as a Muslim,, really love how 4JJI our ama ....
Sister-ukhtiku, i love u coz 4JJI ...
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